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What is an estimate?

If you get in touch with us you might get a 'quote' or an 'estimate' depending on the nature of the project and the information you can provide at the time.

So what is an estimate?

If you have received an estimate it might mean that the information you have provided needs filling in before we can sure up the costing.

Let's say, for example, you have contacted us regarding a 60 second video of an event. But if we don't have all the information the response might be an 'estimate' of say £1000. The real cost could be quite different once we have all of the details.

Why is that?

There is a lot that goes into costing a project, far beyond the intended output, including but not limited to the travel costs, time filming, additional crew needed, graphics and post production time and licensing costs.

On one hand it might be that we film for two hours, with a one person crew, minimal travel and very simple post production to product that one minute video.

On the other hand it could be a four hour journey, shooting over two days capturing different parts of a music festival, with two crew members and complex motion graphics and visual effects.

How does an 'estimate' work?

If we provide you with an estimate and we move forward with the project with no change to that estimate. If the shoot is completed unchanged from the brief, with nothing added or taken away. Then that estimate will end up being the final invoice amount.

If however things change on the day of shooting, if the amount of shots is reduced or increased that 'estimate' will be amended and need to be signed off. That new 'estimate' will then be the final invoice amount.

Our commitment to you is that our pricing will be as fair and transparent as possible, an 'estimate' does not mean that there will be any surprises when the invoice is delivered, it just means that the scope of the project can change. It gives us flexibility during the work.

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