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About Us.

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We are a creative production agency that puts sustainability and innovation first.

We want our impact on your customers to be huge but we want our impact on the environment to be tiny. 

Published Studios is a hand crafted affair without feeling home made. When it comes to making exciting content we like to build the concept from scratch using innovative tools like 3d printing and virtual production. 

We don't believe in having to have the newest and greatest equipment to produce work that is new and great. We use pre owned equipment as much as we can which is one way that we can cut down on our environmental impact. 

We are a public transport first business, which further reduces our impact without limiting our ability to travel.

Fun Facts about us:

Sean's favourite snack is a spinach, soy and apple smoothie or two plant based whoppers, he is very much a man of extremes.

Katie's on the hunt for an old lady dog who needs a safe home for her twilight year (the dog's not Katie's) so if you know one drop us a line.

What do we mean by


By using emerging technologies on a small scale, things like 3D printing and virtual production, we can create really interesting and unique results even on smaller budget projects.

3D printing allows us to create bespoke props for any given shoot, lending a look to your images that is completely tailored to your identity.

Virtual production lets us take your products around the world, or universe, without ever leaving the comfort of the studio. This reduces cost to you and the environment and speeds up the turn around time so you get your images out in the world generating the ROI that brought you here in the first place. 

Paper republic notebook in green held up by one hand
Multiple paper republic notebooks in different greens
Paper republic notebook in green with pen holder
Paper republic notebook in green in a green house setting
Paper republic notebook in green in a green house setting close up
Published Studio Gradient.png

Behind Our Scenes.

Sean with camera in hand in a restaurant, laughing
Sean manning the controls of a computerized camera slider in a restaurant
Published studio
Katie in the studio on a backdrop
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